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Tormented Sufferer
• 2/11/2013

Your opinions

Here you can discuss your opinions about the VE. I have some of my own, which can be found here, or if you're to lazy to click the link, here is the rant I made:

"Oh you do not know how much I freakin hate this feature. Here's a list of things wrong with it:

  • It doesn't allow full manipulation of text
  • Users who have only used this all their time on wiki's will never know wiki code

Here's my rant of how terrible it is:

Okay, the designers thought when they made this "Oh hey, lets make a feature that's on by default and have it for new users so they will never know wikicode!" Seriously, because of this, I've had a user ask me how to use a template -_- that is how stupid this feature is! The visual editor is irrelevant as users will never know wikicode until they have to edit in source mode and they will do something that breaks the code. If I could disable this feature on the entire wiki, I could. I will not stand the amount of users using this, they will never know wiki code ever. And the thing is, its like they WANT users to not know wikicode, and so they made this because "The buttons on the source mode editor suck!" and/or "Wikicode is a strange language" Its not strange! The buttons don't suck! Seriously, I bet something is gonna happen where a user edits a template and they don't know wikicode and they break it so much that they get blocked all because of Wikia.."

(doesn't sum up everything you wanted to say about it?). Now, reply to this thread and say your opinion(s) about it!

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Tormented Sufferer
• 2/12/2013

I'm far too pissed about users using automatic VE buttons and edit like they live a luxurious life. while not knowing what reality is.

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