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• 2/7/2013

The message wall!

Hey guys—I've recently enabled the Message wall feature. What this feature is gonna do here is make a more social interface for users to interact with other users, plus a notification system so you can follow your threads when you want to. Now, I want to know what you guys think of it! Reply to this post saying what you think of it!
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• 2/6/2013

The new forums!

So hopefully, with these forums people will use them more and actually categorize their posts right. These new forums will be a test, and if people don't like it enough, then we will remove these forums from the wiki. Anyways, what do you guys think of it? Reply to this post and say your opinion(s) about it!
Anyways, my opinions about it are here:

It's a real pain to link to certain threads as you see in the URL it has a certain number written name for each thread.
You can't sticky posts
Most templates don't work
Any user can remove a reply.
Supporting factors
People, with these new forums will hopefully categorize their threads right
People will also automatically sign
There's a notification system so you can follow certain threads and it will say when a new reply is made to a thread
Admins' can highlight threads so all users recive a notification, which I guess is basically their way of making sticky threads
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